Coming Home To Roost

By loose definition:

roost /roost/ – 


1. “a place where birds go to rest, feel safe, and hang out with other family and birds they feel comfortable with.”

It has been said countless times, “Home is where the Heart is.” For chickens the roost is where their heart is. After a long hard day of pecking and scratching,  chickens return to the roost. No one points or puts up signs directing them; they just go! Instinctively they know when it’s time to go home. Like birds, people go through life toiling and pecking their way up ladders and raising families, but at the end of the day they all go back to their respective places. The place they call home.

When I was younger,  my seven siblings and I shared a loving home with our mother. I can’t even begin to count the mornings that our alarm would be a delicious smelling breakfast, wafting through the air,  that gently rested on our small noses. Even now my taste buds are tingling as I reminisce about all the fried chicken, potato salad, and sweet potato pies that created unforgettable memories my mother spent years unknowly creating. She didn’t know her home cooked meals would wake us up in the morning or have us running home at night. She was just being good a mom, feeding her children great food.

Well, the years have moved on; The charm of youth, and the warmth of simpler times are safely tucked away in my mind, but Father time has run fast and free and now our mother has been diagnosed with dementia, so we have come back home from near and far to the Roost. Our aging mother needs us, so we will spend a lot of precious time with her here at The Roost Southern Kitchen doing what she loved doing for us for so many years. Now we will prepare great food for her and others.

Thanks for coming by! We appreciate you.